In recent years various projects in the field of circular economy have emerged in Switzerland. A variety of private companies and public organizations pursue the goal of making the Swiss economy more circular with creative solutions and innovative initiatives. It is now important to bring together these numerous activities and actors, to exploit synergies and to give a new boost to the circular economy in Switzerland.

A core team of dedicated organizations has joined forces for this purpose under the name of "Circular Economy Switzerland". Supported by the MAVA Foundation and the Migros Engagement Fund, the network will act as a catalyst for a new Swiss-wide circular economy movement with various projects and events. The core team today consists of ecos, YODEL, the Swiss Economic Forum, PUSCH, Impact Hub, Circular Hub and sanu durabilitas. Circular Economy Switzerland sees itself as a coordination and exchange platform and is open to further initiatives in the field of circular economy.

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The Circular Economy Switzerland Charter is a self-declaration. Those signing the Charter show their intention to commit themselves to circular economy in Switzerland and are committed to following the principles set out in the Charter.

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The following organisations are part of Circular Economy Switzerland and have signed the CHARTA. They are listed here by industry and in alphabetical order. 

Architektur | Produktdesign




Bildung | Wissenstransfer | Wissenschaft


Consulting | Beratung


Detailhandel | Verpackung


Medien | Druck | Verpackung

Vögeli AG – www.voegeli.ch


Nahrungsmittel | Food

Recycling | Abfallmanagement


Repair | Reuse | Refurbish


Sport | Outdoor

Stände- und Nationalrat


Weitere Politikerinnen und Politiker auf Kantons- und Gemeindeebene